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Uuptick makes professional grade equity analysis and portfolio management tools accessible to all investors.

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The Equity Terminal 2.0

Uuptick centralizes all of your equity research and portfolio management in one convenient place. The combination of stock screeners, watchlists, portfolio trackers & an equity terminal means you will never have to go elsewhere to stay on top of your financial life.

Analyze All US Equities

Uuptick gives you all the key financial information you need to analyze US listed stocks. Regardless of your investment style, the equity terminal's flexibility gives you access to a variety of tools which enable you to accelerate the equity research process.

As Reported Financial Statements

Uuptick uses proprietary algorithms to source as reported financial statements and footnotes from the SEC. You can conveniently graph, chart & visualize the data as well as download it in all the necessary formats.

Cutting Edge Portfolio Insights

Uuptick allows you to upload your portfolio from your broker & offers a level of insight which was previously reserved to financial institutions. Uuptick automatically calculates professional performance metrics going back to 2010. You can alo track your dividends through beautiful income calendar tools. Our software automatically adjusts for splits and similar corporate events.

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