Why uuptick?

Throughout the world, we are a growing community of astute private investors. Despite some of our peers’ extravagancies, we understand how to analyze stocks, and make investments which set us up for financial success. Alas, investors like you and I are often far apart.

We created uuptick to bring us all together, and to empower others around us to take control of their investments. By doing so, they can thus become masters of their financial future.

We tried everything there was out there. And yet, there seemed to be no credible one stop shop for private investors. We believe that the tools we need to manage our portfolio should be in one convenient place and should be at a cost which is accessible.

We don't believe that paying $200-400/month to generate ideas makes sense for most self directed investors.

We certainly don't want to pay that much. Neither do you, and now you don't have to.

For the first time ever,you will be able to track and manage your portfolio, screen for new ideas, follow stocks on state of the art watchlists, and analyze individual equities with all the necessary tools.

Uuptick was created to bring self-directed investors together, to provide them with cutting edge tools which empower them to take control of their investments. On this page you will find some basic information about the company as well as some useful links for you to learn more.

Uuptick was incorporated in Hook Norton, United Kingdom in 2017. The company is co-run by Directors Sam & Robert Kovacs.

The company was built out of frustration. Frustration that comprehensive investment tools were too expensive. Frustration that even these expensive investment tools weren't easy to use. Frustration that we had to combine resources from dozens of sites to analyze equities. Frustration that nobody else had decided to build a solution.

All of the platform has been built by investors for investors. All of our own equity analysis is done solely on uuptick. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

We are continuously buliding stock analysis and portfolio management features for all types of investors.

Whether you relate as a value investor, a dividend growth investor, a GARP investor or even as a passive investor, we have something which will help you

If you are an advisor, or an equity portfolio manager or analyst, uuptick will save you loads of time.

If you are a private investor, like we are, you will gain an unprecedented level of control over your portfolio.

"Imagine never building a chart in excel again"

How would you feel if we told you that you never have to build a chart in excel again? Or how about never scrolling through lengthy 10-Ks and 10-Qs searching for a particular footnote? What if we told you the days of having half a dozen tabs open for a single stock were over? How would that change your life as an investor?

You could spend more time analyzing the fundamentals to make educated investment decisions. Or you could spend more of your free time with your family. Maybe you want more time to workout or go out with friends, but your concerns for your financial situation have held you back.

Whatever it is, today you have the opportunity to take control of your investments by using the right tools.

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