Our Mission:

Making Your Life As An Investor Easy:

It's simple. By providing you with cutting edge stock analysis tools, we want to empower you, and to enable you to take control of your investments.

Our History:

Less than 12 months later, Robert and his wife decided to sell the house.

Given the low rate environment, investing the money in equities seemed smart.

They were soon frustrated with the tools available to analyze equities.

All of a sudden, the time spent on repetitive tasks reduced greatly.

Which led the father & son team to ask the question which would change everything:

Turns out, there is a whole community of people like you & them.

In May 2017, 25 investors were selected to test the first iteration of the web platform.

Over the summer, the team overhauled all the key features to meet the user's expectations.

On December the 1st, the platform was officially introduced to the world.

In 2012, Sam left the family home to study finance at HEC Montreal

The question of what to do with the proceeds of the sale was raised.

Sam agreed to help his father Robert manage his portfolio.

After a while, Robert started developing tools to make their lives easier.

It wasn't long before fellow investors asked for copies of the software.

Is there anybody else in the same boat as us?

The journey was underway. The team developed continuously for months on end.

Around the same time, Uuptick ltd. was incorporated.

Throughout the autumn, the finishing touches were applied before launching.

But the journey isn't over. Everyday Robert & Sam work tirelessly to improve the platform.

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