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Hi, it’s Sam. I’ve answered your most frequently asked questions here. Only real nuanced questions about whether uuptick is right for you.

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WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME? Uuptick was built for busy investors. It is extremely hard to find the time to do everything in the day, especially if we have a job, a family, social obligations, and the list goes on. Uuptick allows you to automate tasks you usually spend hours on, and agregates the data in one convenient source.

HOW IS UUPTICK DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PLATFORMS ON THE MARKET? This is the only platform which is vertically intergrated from data gathering to customer service. We have control over our database. We have control over the development of our web app. We have control over what gets priority. And what get's priority is always you and your issues. We also have an awful lot of cool features which our competitors don't have which we listed in this comparative table.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I'M READY? If you have a basic understanding of accounting and financial analysis, you have enough knowledge to use uuptick. Now it's up to you to decide. I encourage you to sign up and decide whether this is right for you. It's normal to have doubts, we all do. If uuptick truly isn't for you, don't join. We can part as friends, and I will continue sending you the free emails. But if you're ready to truly take control of your investments, uuptick is here to help.

AM I THE RIGHT AGE TO USE THIS? Age makes no difference. If you can legally invest in U.S. stocks, you are old enough to use uuptick. Whether you are 54,37, 68 or 22, uuptick is right for all retail investors.

HOW MUCH HELP AM I GOING TO GET? As far as understanding and navigating the app is concerned, we are going to go out of our way to make sure you understand everything. Don't be shy to ask! If you've sent me an email, you know I always respond. We won't be giving any individual stock picking advice, that's not our job.

HOW DO I CONVINCE MY PARTNER TO LET ME BUY THIS SERVICE? This is an important question, since managing your portfolio and making financial decisions is often something that is done together. If you need to convince them, talk about the end goal: Why are you managing your stock portfolio? What lifestyle is it supposed to fund? You can also talk about the amount of time you will save using uuptick.


URGH, I DON'T WANT THIS TO BECOME YET ANOTHER THING ON MY TO-DO LIST. The last thing we need is something else to make us feel guilty. But let's face it, taking control of your investments and your portfolio, will always be on your to-do list, as long as you decide to actively manage your portfolio. Uuptick will enable you to spend less time on mind numbing tasks and will allow you to focus on the important stuff.

WHAT IF I LIVE IN EUROPE (OR SOMEWHERE ELSE)? That's fine as long as your focus is U.S. equities. Robert and I both live in Europe (in Luxembourg), but choose to invest mainly in American listed stocks because of the maturity of the market as well as difference in Corporate Governance which are more shareholder oriented. However if you live in the European Union, the price is slightly higher because of our VAT obligations. If you live outside of the E.U, and neither in Canada or the USA, please get in touch with us before purchasing.

WHAT IF I'M JUST LAZY AND UNMOTIVATED? Being lazy is alright, because it pushes you to find solutions to doing things with less effort and less time, which is exactly what uuptick allows you to do. On the other hand if you're unmotivated, there is not much uuptick will do for you. You still need to do the research...


IS THIS PLATFORM RIGHT FOR ME IF I AM A TECHNICAL TRADER? WHAT IF I TRADE OPTIONS? Simply put: no. Uuptick was built for fundamental oriented investors. There are plenty of cool tools for technical traders which you can check out. We are fundamental only investors, and decided to build a product around what we understand.

I ALREADY USE A DIFFERENT STOCK ANALYSIS PLATFORM. WHY SHOULD I USE UUPTICK INSTEAD? It is great that you're subscribed to another stock analysis platform, it shows that you are dedicated to improving the efficiency of your portfolio management. The best answer I can provide, is that you should give uuptick a go and decide whether or not it is for you. We have tools our competitors, don't and work at an incredible speed to always update/improve and add new features.

I ALREADY DO ALRIGHT MANAGING MY PORTFOLIO. WHAT CAN THIS DO FOR ME? Uuptick won't automatically make you a better investor. It simply gives you the tools to speed up the research process and to make tracking your portfolio and your goals more efficient. You will become a more efficient investor using uuptick, since you will spend minutes on tasks you usually spent hours on.

IS THIS JUST FOR RETAIL INVESTORS OR CAN IT BE USED FOR THE HEDGE FUND I RUN? Uuptick is marketed towards retail investors because it is the population with whom we identify and relate. However we also do corporate licences for hedge funds which require multi-user licences. If that is your case send us a mail and we can sort the details out.

NOW ISN'T A GREAT TIME. CAN YOU SAVE A DISCOUNT CODE FOR ME? No. Sorry, but that will be unfair to other users. No favorites.


WHERE DO I GET THE DEMO? In the navigation bar at the top click demo. Alternatively, by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

WHAT DOES UUPTICK DO? Uuptick provides investors like you with a suite of tools enabling you to take control of your investments. By allowing you to obtain and process information efficiently, we believe you will be able to make investment decisions in less time.

CAN I PURCHASE STOCKS THROUGH UUPTICK? No, uuptick is an information service.

WHAT STOCKS ARE AVAILABLE? All U.S. stocks are available. However since we source the financial data straight from the S.E.C., quite a bit of normalisation is required to display the information beautifully. We are constantly adding more stocks, and you can request a list of stocks, and we will import them first.

WHERE DOES THE DATA COME FROM? Financial data is sourced directly from the S.E.C.’s XBRL filings. Footnotes, insider transactions and other disclosures are also sourced from the S.E.C. Pricing and dividend data comes from Alphavantage. Some data comes from David Fish’s CCC list.

ARE THERE ANY DATA ERRORS? Uuptick provides high quality data sourced directly from the SEC. That being said, everyone has data errors. Be it Bloomberg, Morningstar or Capital I.Q. Our advantage is that we are a lean company which owns our database. Contact us concerning any data errors at [email protected] and we will swiftly update the database.

ARE INTERNATIONAL STOCKS AVAILABLE? No, uuptick only provides data on U.S. listed stocks


A STOCK I WANT ISN'T ON THE PLATFORM. WHAT CAN I DO? Send an email to [email protected] with a list of stocks, and depending on demand they will be up and running on the platform in 24-72 hours. We are working on a tool for you to request stocks from the platform. Over the course of the year we expect to add all the listed U.S stocks.

HOW MUCH DOES UUPTICK COST? Access to uuptick’s platform costs $100/month. However we are offering deep lifetime discounts for our early subscribers.

CAN ANYONE BUY UUPTICK? Yes, we have two plans. If you live in the US or in Canada you can pick the North American Plan. If you live in the European Union, you can pick the European plan. Otherwise please get in touch with us. The data and services provided in both plans are identical, only the pricing changes due to our tax obligations.

CAN I CANCEL AT ANY TIME? For monthly subscriptions you can cancel any time. If at any time we offer long term plans, you can cancel and get a pro-rata refund.

WHAT DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE? The first 25 customers will get 80% off and pay only $19.99 per month. The next 50 customers will get 70% off and pay only $29.99 per month. The next 50 will get 50% off and pay $44.99 per month.

HOW DO I CLAIM DISCOUNTS? To claim the discount, simply sign up for the paid version, and enter the coupon codes.

LIFETIME DISCOUNTS? WHAT'S THE CATCH? There is one catch: to maintain your lifetime discount you need to stay with us for 6 months. After that you can cancel your subscription and come back at a future date. You will still pay the same amount as you did during your first 6 months.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANCEL BEFORE THE END OF THE 6 MONTHS? If you cancel before the 6 months, you will loose your benefit, and you will not be able to reclaim the same price when you come back.

CAN I TRANSFER MY DISCOUNT TO ANOTHER INVESTOR? Sure, if you don’t want to use uuptick anymore but know someone who would like to take advantage of your discounted subscription, just send me an email at [email protected] and I will organize a new code for the person. Your account will be cancelled once the transfer is done.

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