Uuptick's features will knock your socks off!

Stock Screener

Take screening to the next level. Want to find stocks with P/E lower than their 5 year average? We got you. Maybe you're looking for stocks whose net margin has expanded over 5 years? Again, we got you.

Beautiful Charts

A chart is worth 1000 words right? An uuptick chart is worth 2000, at least. You can set which metrics you want to chart, and they will appear on every companies page. You can download them as pictures, or even embed as html.

Company Summaries

Quickly get information from companies your are analyzing in a beautiful company summary page. You will never be more than one click away from all the data, graphs and reports you need to make a decision.

Company News

Uuptick feeds into several rss feeds to give you a detailed news feed for the companies you're analyzing. Don't miss any major news, and get all the headlines in one convenient location. That's one extra tab you can close.

Financial Statements

We don't give you watered down, standardized financial statements. No, when you sign up to uuptick you get access to the same statements which are filed at the SEC. (And guess what? You can download to excel)


Most times, you like to think a bit before investing in a stock. Or maybe you're waiting for a certain stock to hit a precise price? With uuptick you can curate watchlists to keep track of potential investments.

Footnote Search

Have you ever spent way too long looking through footnotes searching for a specific piece of information? Printing out 10-Ks is a thing of the past, with uuptick you can easily move from one filing to the next.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio tracking tools suck right? You're looking for something simple to use with poweful results? That's what you get with uuptick. Plus, you can easily import from Google, Yahoo or your broker. Now how cool is that?

"Talk is Cheap" - We agree.

So why don't you try the demo and see for yourself?


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