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Uuptick offers investors around the world a vast amount of products to cater to the individual needs of as many fellow investors. We have stock analysis tools as well as stock screeners, equity watchlists and portfolio management tools.

On this page you can find out more about all the products included in uuptick's ultimate package.

uuptick's Worldly Watchlist

Uuptick offers investors a comprehensive watchlist tool. You can create an unlimited number of watchlists over which you have total control: which metrics are tracked, which companies appear, and which graphs and tables you want to have quick access to. Click below to learn more.

uuptick's Sophisticated Screener:

Uuptick has built an extremely powerful and sophisticated stock screener. With our cutting edge technology, you can screen on a plethora of metrics in ways which NOBODY else offers. You will be blown away by the constant updates and improvements which will enhance your experience on a month to month basis. Click below to learn more.

uuptick's Essential Equities

Uuptick's initial product, a powerful equity analysis platform for all US Equities. We have worked hard at leveraging complex algorithms to deliver an all access equity platform for astute investors who want to make their research more efficient. Financials since 2010, quick footnote search, news feed, valuations, chart creator & more await. Click below to learn more.

uuptick's Perfect Portfolio:

How much do you spend on professional risk analysis tools? If you're a retail investor, the answer is probably 0. If you're a professional, the answer is probably too much. We're not sure why this is the case, but either way, we're bringing to you the most comprehensive portfolio management tool at an unbeatable price. Whether you are a professional or a retail investor, you will have an unprecedented level of understanding of your portfolio.

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