How much does uuptick cost?

We have Lifetime Discounts* for early subscribers.

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Uuptick ultimate includes:

⦿ Perfect Portfolio ($24.99/mo).

⦿ Worldy Wacthlist ($14.99/mo).

⦿ Sophisticated Screener ($34.99/mo).

⦿ Essential Equities ($74.99/mo).

⦿ All Future Products ($$$$/mo).

⦿ A Total Value of at least $149/month.

Why are we offering discounts?

We want to thank early adopters for making this adventure possible. Uuptick's growing community of users agree on one fact:

We add new features FAST!

Our suite of products is already worth well over hundreds of dollars per month, yet we still strive to continuously over deliver. We value our early subscriber's opinions and routinely integrate member suggestions to the platform.

By being an early subscriber, you help shape the future of the platform. This is an undeniable win-win for both of us. You're getting a discount, because there has to be some perks to being a pioneer. Right?

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